Our partners

As a multi-stakeholder initiative we work with partners worldwide in governments, businesses, civil society organizations, academia, and the media to open up government procurement and make sure problems get fixed. But to make open contracting successful and sustainable, we believe that it is essential to support strong, local partners.

Contact us for more information on open contracting or if you are looking for support to implement open contracting in your country.

We have specific engagement agreements with the following organizations to broaden our impact and reach.

Our engagement criteria

We have to be deliberate in choosing when, where, and how we engage and we need to be realistic about where we can add most value to the field of transparency and accountability advocates. We think that our work is best directed to where:

  1. We can show a clear a normative shift or a powerful demonstration of the benefits of open contracting on the ground.
  2. There is a clear learning opportunity where, succeed or fail, we can gain valuable insights or learn something new about methodologies and tools needed to implement open contracting that will help other practitioners.
  3. There is a credible and diverse local coalition of local partners, ideally involving government reformers, activists, technologists, and businesses.
  4. We have thought through the opportunity costs and implications for our time, money and other resources.
  5. For our showcase and learning projects, we look for a high-level public commitment from a government agency to advance open contracting and a demonstrated willingness to collaborate with civil society organizations and businesses in the project design and implementation, as well as to iterate and learn.
  6. For our advocacy interventions, we have specific objectives that we want to achieve and a plausible exit strategy where we can declare victory or failure to avoid endless entanglement with a process.

We will prioritize efforts where we can have a significant impact both on best practices on the ground and where there is a positive global demonstration effect. Our advocacy and implementation need to reinforce each other and create a virtuous cycle. Nothing beats the demonstration effect of positive impacts for citizens, so we will always prioritize this.