Website Project Contract


1 Planning


With our new Strategy 2015-2018 published we are focussing on updating our website as one of our essential communications tools to share our efforts and learnings.

40,000 USD

2 Tender


The goal of the project is to analyze the current architecture of the Open Contracting Partnerships presence online as well as propose and implement a new flexible framework and website.n The main deliverable will be to update including both front andn backend. The community will not migrated at this point.

  • Status: complete
  • Procurement Method: open
  • Method Rationale: An open call is best fit for a product at this value
  • Award Criteria: n/a
  • Tender Period: n/a
  • Enquiries: Yes
Terms of reference

3 Award

  • Date: n/a
  • Supplier Name: The Idea Bureau
23,976 GBP

4 Contract

  • Title: Website Project Contract
  • Status: terminated
  • Period: 2015-12-15 - 2016-01-31
  • Signed: 2015-12-14
23,976 GBP
Contract- FY16- Idea Bureau

5 Implementation

No milestones