Data Standard

Open data is a powerful tool to track contracting processes, and to gain insights into what is going on inside them. When data and documents on contracting are available in a structured, re-usable form, new opportunities for analysis and engagement are unlocked.

We created the Open Contracting Data Standard as a global, non-proprietary data standard structured to reflect the complete contracting cycle. The standard enables users and partners around the world to publish shareable, reusable, machine readable data, to join that data with their own information, and to create tools to analyze or share that data.


Open contracting, and the data standard, covers the full contracting process, including planning, tender, award, contract and implementation. To understand why open contracting matters and how to implement it head over here.

The data standard was designed and developed through an open process. It is focused on connecting up the data or documents that governments collect with the needs of users who want to help fix problems, analyze public contracting, and innovate the way contracts are made and delivered. It can be expanded to suit the disclosure requirements and user needs of a particular sector or legal framework.

If you are planning to publish or use data using the Open Contracting Data Standard, we run a free global helpdesk to assist partners with production and sharing of this information.

The help desk team, staffed by Open Data Services Co-operative, can

  • help you identify approaches for converting data from your existing systems to the Open Contracting Data Standard;
  • suggest existing tools and services which may help you publish or use the data;
  • provide guidance on mapping your data structures to the standard;
  • give you feedback on draft data files, and support with validation of your data.

The Open Contracting Data Standard is now being deployed by governments and cities around the world. You can find examples of the Open Contracting Data Standard in action in our global overview.

What's next

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