Get Involved

A growing community of data publishers and users are working with the Open Contracting Data Standard.

Through the standard discussion mailing list you can connect with a growing community of users.

The helpdesk also organise regular online and face-to-face training and co-working sessions. These are announced through the mailing list and on the blog.

The data standard is developed through an open and collaborative process. In order to adapt to emerging publisher and user needs, it supports the creation of extensions. Widely required features can be added to the standard through its ongoing upgrade process.

You can find the latest discussions on developments of the standard on the GitHub issue tracker. You can also share your own suggestions for developments to the standard here.

Announcements about proposed updates to the specification, and periods for comment, will be made to the mailing list.


If you want direct support to publish open contracting data, or to develop tools that work with OCDS, and do not want to post through the available public fora, you can contact the OCDS helpdesk directly.

Mailing list

The general mailing list gathering the open contracting developer community is the main discussion space for data publishers and users of open contracting data. You can ask questions, discuss ideas for using the standard, and share news on your projects on the mailing list.

Send a blank e-mail to to join.