Fair and effective public contracting can provide everyone, everywhere with the public goods, services and works they need. Our 2019-23 Strategy is about making that bold vision a reality.

We plan five key shifts to support you in driving systemic reforms, fostering openness and jumping scale to impact:

  1. Moving from transparency to transformational change: We want to make sure public contracting is 10x more efficient, fairer, more responsive, and accountable by encouraging the entire ecosystem of contracting policy, data, and practices to be ‘open-by-design’.  
  2. Supporting agile, performance-driven implementation of open contracting: We will move beyond ‘just’ working with procurement and contracting officials to better reach the ‘problem-holders in government’ who aim to deliver services and measure performance more directly.
  3. Still focused on systemic impact but better at capturing progress: Getting to systemic impact takes time and we will do a better job of capturing progress and milestones on the way.
  4. More tailored support for more diverse open contracting practitioners: We will invest in much more specific engagement and support for other vital members of the ecosystem, such as civil society monitors, businesses, academics, and journalists, in addition to government.
  5. Our staying power and building a full-service team: We are extending our life cycle to be more of a three-act structure, using this second stage of our strategy to integrate all we have learned so far to ready us to jump scale and impact in our work.