After the Maidan revolution, civil society, private sector, civic hackers and the government came together to make the provision of humanitarian resources more transparent.

Based on this experience civic activists and procurement experts formed a public private partnership, the ProZorro initiative, in order to work together on expanding this experience to make the country’s procurement system more open and transparent.

The new system, based on the Open Contracting Data Standard, was launched in February 2015. It makes any document and information related to public procurement (annual plans, tender notices and documentation, bids, decisions of evaluation committees, contracts etc) freely accessible online as open data. The outcomes of the project have been impressive: Within the first three months, US $1.5 million in public budget was saved and competition increased to an average of three participating bidding companies per tender from two.

With the adoption of the new public procurement law in December 2015, and since August 1, Prozorro has been scaled up to include all of the country’s procurement.

Everyone sees everything: our success story of Ukraine’s path to reform.

The success of the project, all the more impressive considering the conflict in the country, was in no small part thanks to the genuine collaboration between different stakeholders. For them, this project went far beyond open data as a principle. From the off implementers were very results-orientated,  not only in terms of numbers and savings but also in terms of transforming the business culture into something more beneficial for the country. Ukraine’s project has been shared as a success example with others in the field.

ProZorro won the 2016 World Procurement Award in the Public Sector.

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